Showroom of Drilling and Production Facilities

Showroom of Drilling and Production Facilities shows rig models, drill ships and drilling capabilities of rigs and drill ships and production model facilities. In addition, on drilling ships and drilling rigs, there are models of basic drilling systems on the rig, such as: hoisting system, dynamic positioning system, and positioning system of anchor, rotating system, and supply system. Power energy well control system while drilling, and auxiliary equipment such as: drill strings, casing, tubing, subsea wellhead equipment. With liquid production models such as downhole equipment and packers, electrical submersible pumps, Gaslift production system, sample cutter, and crude oil samples. Showroom of Drilling and Production Facilities serves these courses such as PET12443-Petroleum Drilling Systems (+Lab), and PET13411-Petroleum Production Systems (+Lab). In addition, the showroom serves for lecturers and students for scientific research, for academic exchange between universities with the same petroleum technical training.

  1. Jack-up
  2. Compliant piled tower
  3. Truss spar platform
  4. Semi-submersible
  5. Mobile arctic caisson rig
  6. Concrete gravity structure
  7. Drill ship
  8. Downhole Equipment and packers
  9. Electrical submersible pumps (ESPS)
  10. Gaslift system
  11. Core and crude oil samples