About Advanced Training center

Organizing the short-term training course is one of the important tasks assigned to PVU by PetroVietnam and as a result, the Advanced Training Center (ATC) was established in accordance to the Decision No. 42 /QĐ-ĐHDK dated on 27 Jan 2011 by the University Council of PVU.
Since the establishment, the ATC has continuously improved the quality of training programs to meet the requirements of the society as well as the training methods. The centerpiece of the ATC is step by step completed with spacious classrooms, modern audio equipment and air-conditioning. The ATC has developed a website to carry out the information, manage functions of the program and serve leaners in the best. The ATC strives to become a prestigious training institution in Vietnam, has become a reliable place for students studying short-term programs in the Oil and Gas Industry as well as in other fields (official dispatch of the training of the Petro Vietnam).
The success of the ATC is due to the direction and support of PVN, the University Council of PVU, the Board of Rector, the functional departments and the faculties in PVU and the other units in PVN. Especially, the enthusiastic cooperation of Professors, Associate Professors, Ph.D who are the leading experts in Oil and Gas Industry.
a. Function
The ATC is responsible for organizing short-term, regular training programs on the management, leadership and professional skills to meet the requirements of work; to carry out cooperation programs, joint ventures and training cooperation with domestic and overseas training, research and production and business establishments.
b. Mission
Cooperate with domestic and foreign training institutions to organize professional training courses, seminars and international seminars on energy, oil and gas, management, education and training, science and technology to meet the demand for human resources of the University,; organizing training courses which offer internationally recognized certification; designing program and organizing training to the needs of the companies within and outside the Petroleum industry.