Functions and Missions


  • Train qualified undergraduate and postgraduate level science and technology, economic and administrative cadres in various disciplines and domains to meet human needs for developing the country.
  • Organize scientific research activities and apply science and technology into business and production, with priority given to oil and gas and energy;
  • Implement cooperative programs, joint ventures, joint training programs, and scientific research with other training and researching institutions, and production and business organizations nationwide and worldwide;
  • Promote learning and dissemination of knowledge through teaching and researching in the fields of science, technology, engineering, management and business, and especially petroleum. Strive to become an internationally influential institution with strong commitment to enterprises and the local;
  • Supply high-quality human resources for domestic and overseas projects of the Group, directly contribute to the export of human resources in the petroleum sector.


  • Provide university and postgraduate training in in-demand majors for the society and the oil and gas industry. In the first phase, the University focuses on training undergraduate and post-graduate level staff in the field of petroleum;
  • Organize training courses, seminars and international conference on energy, oil, and gas, management and science and technology to meet the human resource development needs of PVN and the country;
  • Research, and deploy science and technology application and management into production and business activities of PVN;
  • Provide high-quality human resources for domestic and international oil and gas companies and technical services;
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Group.