1. Laboratory of Reservoir Petrophysics and Rocks

Laboratory of Reservoir Petrophysics and Rocks is used to measure petrophysical rock parameters. It is used to teach PET12304 Reservoir Petrophysics (+Lab) (3cr). The system is capable of operating at a wide range of pressure and core sample sizes (from 1.00 inch to 2.00 inches OD, and maximum to 4.00 inches length) easily, safely, and accurately. The system uses nitrogen and helium to determine the porosity and permeability of the core samples. In addition to serving lecturers, students for scientific research, serving students to do senior projects, graduation projects, or master's students to make graduation dissertations, to provide oil company services when needed, and to serve academic exchanges between universities with the same Petroleum Engineering program. The properties measured by the system are:
- Absolute permeability (by Nitrogen)
- Effective porosity (by Helium)
- Klinkenberg correction factor
- Pressure Pulse Decay Permeability
- Transient Permeabilit

Petroleum Engineering Department Formal name Courses Layouts Max capacity students Assignable Area (Sq. m)
Reservoir Petrophysics & Rocks PET12304 Reservoir Petrophysics (+Lab) (3cr)  Lab 7 35

Device name: PoroPerm 8404 Test System

Function: Measure rock samples permeability and effective porosity

Link: http://www.pvu.edu.vn/en/departments/petroleum-faculty/petroleum-engineering/labs/pe-labs/1-laboratory-of-reservoir-petrophysics-&-rocks





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