General Information

Currently, PVU hold 4 graduate programs as:

  • Geological Engineering / Petroleum Geophysics
  • Petroleum Engineering / Petroleum Drilling & Production
  • Chemical Engineering / Refining & Petrochemicals.
  • Offshore Engineering (based on the Offshore Engineering of TU DELF, Netherlands)

1. Module details have been designed according to some following main academic orientations:

  • Graduate programs are designed by application-oriented direction and not only to meet the quality requirement of high-ranking universities but also to fit well in the Vietnamese scenario and the continuity and modernity principles as well.
  • Offer programs which first serve the demands of PVN.
  • Guarantee continuity of PVU graduate programs with other national and international training programs.

2. The number of credits is fixed as regulated in curriculum training issued by the Ministry of Education and Training:

The length of graduate programs is two academic years on average. The total of credit is about 60 credits. With the Offshore Engineering program, the total of credits is 53 credits.

3. Types of Degrees/certificates:

Master students who complete two-year graduate course are awarded university degrees (Master) as regulated by the Ministry of Education and Training.

4. Major education programs

Module details of 4 major graduate programs include Geology Engineering/Petroleum Geophysics, Petroleum Engineering/Drilling and Production, Chemical Engineering/Refining and Petrochemicals and Offshore Engineering.

5, Programs Objectives

Master students have state-of-art knowleges in majors, skills of practise, the ability to work independently and creatively. The master students also have the ability to solve problems in the Petroleum industry;

graduate curricula