All PE laboratories are mainly used for teaching undergraduate PE courses with the exception of the PVU-BHGE Center for Geomechanics Applications which is also used for faculty and student research.

The Program operates 5 teaching laboratories:

1. Production Technology 2 Laboratory

2. Drilling Fluid and Cementing Laboratory

3. Reservoir Laboratory

4. PVU-Schlumberger Office

5. PVU-BHGE Center for Geomechanics Applications


PVU also has 6 fundamental engineering-shared laboratories and 2 engineering-shared laboratories with Petrovietnam Manpower Training College, respectively:

1. General Physical Laboratory

2. Materials and Mechanical Laboratory

3. Electricity-Electronic Laboratory

4. Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

5. Thermal Dynamics Laboratory

6. Processes and Apparatuses of Chemical Technology Laboratory

7. Drilling Simulation

8. Oil and Gas Production Simulator