1Professional development

PE faculty actively search for practical and advanced training courses based on their professional development demands, professional knowledge and work practices. They are also often be sent to study short training courses abroad as part of educational cooperation and academic exchange agreements between PVU and leading petroleum universities or companies. In addition, they actively participate in national and international research projects related to petroleum to enhance research capabilities, deepen knowledge and share understanding and experience.
2. Conferences and workshops
PE faculty regularly attend national and international reputed conferences and workshops with presentations and articles published in the proceedings. They also often introduce such conferences and workshops (especially online ones) to PVU colleagues and regulators, universities and oil and gas companies in Vietnam to enhance and share professional knowledge. Furthermore, the PE Department actively organizes national and international conferences and workshops, by ourselves or in collaboration with other partners, if feasible.
3. Student engagement
PE faculty often provide students with job information and consultancy and connect businesses with students. They also meet students regularly to give more detailed explanations of the lectures and provide instructions for senior projects, graduation theses, researches and academic papers.
4. Community activities
PE faculty usually actively participate in environmental protection and other community support activities with students to make them aware of the national and international residents’ responsibilities.