Meeting of PVU and UPG within the framework of Erasmus+ Program in Romania

From April 4th, 2019 to April 11th, 2019, Representatives of Petrovietnam University (PVU) including Assoc. Le Van Sy - Vice Rector, Dr. Duong Chi Trung - Head of Petrochemical Department and Dr. Nguyen Van Hung - Head of Petroleum Engineering Department had a visit to Petroleum and Gas University of Ploiesti (UPG) within the framework of Erasmus+ program hold by UPG in Romania. During this time, PVU met with UPG leaders and representatives from Petroleum Universities from around the world such as Azerbaijan, China, Moldova, Russia, Serbia, and Turkmenistan.

In the intimate meeting, PVU and UPG exchanged views on the outcomes of effective collaboration last time, typically a joint scientific project in the fields of automatic control and anti-corrosion. PVU continued to meet with leaders from UPG's faculties of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Petroleum and Gas Engineering and Petroleum Refining and Petrochemistry, as well as visited facilities, laboratories, and learnt about the operation process. Furthermore, the two Institutions proposed strengthening cooperation in training and scientific research in the future.


Figure 1. Professor Mihai Pascu Coloja, Rector of UPG, delivering a welcome speech


Figure 2. Meeting with the Head of Petroleum Refining and PetrochemistryFaculty–UPG


Figure 3. Visiting the laboratory of Petroleum Refining and PetrochemistryFaculty – UPG

PVU also attended The Erasmus+UPG Workshop for reviewing the results of the cooperation process with other Institutions, updating the situation, new Erasmus program policies, and making statements, suggestions, and discussions for making international education collaboration more effective. In this Workshop, Assoc. Le Van Sy, Vice Rector of PVU had an impressive speech about the benefits of cooperation in engineering and technology in the oil and gas field, and expressed a desire to strengthen cooperation with other countries more frequently and further in terms of training and scientific research, resulting in real value for countries from the implementation of cooperation programs within the Erasmus+ framework.


Figure 4. Moderators of the Erasmus+ UPG 2019 workshop


Figure 5. Erasmus+ UPG 2019 Attendees


Figure 6. Assoc. Le Van Sy delivered a speech at The Erasmus+UPG Workshop

Let's take a look at some of the other activities that PVU Representatives took part in during Erasmus Week



Figure 7. Visiting The National Oil Museum in Ploiesti


Figure 8. Tennis exchanges


Figure 9. Gala dinner Erasmus+ 2019