When it was first established, PetroVietnam University (PVU) was assigned by the Group to use the existing facilities of PetroVietnam ManPower Training College (PVMTC) for training. Meanwhile, a part of Vietnam Petroleum Institute building was used as the provisional campus in Hanoi, and necessary documents for building the headquarters of the University were temporarily being compiled and finalized.

The construction plan of the University was then adjusted for the new conditions. To be specific, since January 1st, 2014, PVU activities have mainly been in Ba Ria city, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province. The project of building PVU's headquarter was accordingly moved from Vinh Phuc to Ba Ria city with a smaller scope. PVN would invest VND 400 billion in the construction of the University with three buildings, namely office and classrooms, dormitories and staff accommodation building.

Office Building and Classroom: Designed and built as a nine-story building with a total floor area of about 10,000 m². All of PVU's classrooms, laboratories, the library and administrative offices are designed with sufficient space for undergraduate and graduate teaching activities and short-term advanced training courses for the Group’s demand.

Dormitory: Beautifully and modernly designed, with a total floor area of over 5000 m², meeting one hundred percent housing needs of PVU students. Besides, cafeteria, self-study room, fitness room and the like will also be built in the dormitory area to ensure a comfortable life for the students.

Staff accommodation building: Designed to include 120 self-contained units with a total floor area of approximately 12,000 m². The building will meet the housing needs of PVU staff. 

During the time the construction project is underway, the Group assigns PVU to use the existing facilities of the Petroleum Technical College (PVMTC) in Ba Ria to serve the teaching, management, and research activities, scientific rescue.

Up to now, the office and classrooms of the Project for the Construction of Office and Classrooms, Public Service for Teachers and Student Dormitory have been completed and officially put into use since the beginning of January 2016. Other items of the project will be implemented in the near future.


Office Administrative Area

The administrative office of PVU is located at the 7th, 8th and 9th floors of the 9-storey building to be put into use. The administrative office consists of 15 rooms with a total area of about 2000m² to ensure the operation of the school. The rooms are equipped with modern equipment, meeting the high demand for work and effective management of work.

Classrooms, Lecture Halls

PVU lecture halls comprise of more than 20 classrooms on 3, 4, 5 and 6 new 9-storey buildings with a total area of over 2000m².

building rear

The classrooms are equipped with modern, synchronous sound equipment, projectors ... to well serve the teaching and learning activities of teaching staff and students.


Laboratory area, computer room

The laboratories of PVU are mainly located at 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors with more than 20 laboratories, including general laboratories, technical laboratories and specialized laboratories.


PVU currently operates 4 computer laboratories, including one seventy-computer laboratory mainly used for testing students, two forty-computer E-Learning laboratories, PVU - Schlumberger Mining Center Computer Center, and PVU - Honeywell Training Center automation and control system. In particular, PVU-Schlumberger and PVU-Honeywell centers are equipped with costly specialized software sponsored by foreign partners. These are the best learning conditions that PVU offers to our students so that they can update practical and useful knowledge to facilitate their work performance after graduation.



The library has a total area of 160 m2, is equipped with dedicated desks and chairs to serve the needs of reading documents at the same time for about 60 readers. In addition, the Library is equipped with computers with internet connection, scanner, photocopier to support readers to look up, use available documents.


Library resources are diverse, including books, journals, dissertations, dissertations, seminars, workshops, scientific research topics, electronic materials, etc. of the trained specializations of the university.

Books and reference materials

At present, the university library has over 400 titles (2510 volumes) of textbooks and reference materials in Vietnamese; 750 titles (800 books) of English written textbooks and reference books of the training disciplines and textbooks of English courses. At the same time, the library also holds dozens of master dissertations, proceedings of national and international scientific conferences, and scientific research topics at all levels. Besides, the Library has purchased and received a large number of oil and gas magazines published nationally and internationally such as SPE Journals, Oilfield Review (Schlumberger Corporation), and The Petroleum Journal (Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group), etc.

These materials are selected by the university from prestigious universities, and publishers in the oil and gas industry. Every year, the university develops a number of books and magazines following the training scope.

Electronic resources

In addition to the paper resources, students and staff of the university can use the internal electronic resources collected and processed by the university library, including:

- More than 1000 electronic documents have been digitized and can be accessed remotely via the university library portal.

- The library has acquired access to the electronic database of internationally famous publishers such as Springer Link, Science @ Direct, IEEE Xplore Digital Library, Taylor & Francis, etc.

- The library also provides links to free resources of famous universities in the world


Dormitory and sports area

PVU student dormitory is located in a 4-storey building, consisting of 48 rooms, 2 common rooms, canteen areas, gym, etc. The dormitory meets 100% of students' accommodation needs.


In addition, PVU and PVMTC use a common ground and sports facilities with a total area of 4000 m², such as volleyball courts, football pitches.