About Equipment & Project administration


The Department of Equipment and Project Management has the function of advising and assisting the Principal in the procurement, management, use and repair of property, facilities and equipment for the University's operations; planning, building, repairing and repairing construction works; security, fire safety in the whole school.


  • Advising the Board of Management on the arrangement, arrangement and use of material facilities and equipment to meet the requirements of the school.
  • To manage the exploitation and use effectively and handle the loss or damage to the school's properties.
  • Implement procedures and procedures for investment in facilities, equipment (construction, renovation ...) for the school.
  • Development of bidding plans and bidding documents for bidding packages by the University.
  • Monitoring the implementation of projects, organization of bidding, negotiating contracts with contractors, monitoring progress of implementation of contracts.
  • Coordinate with the Planning and Investment Department to make plans on investment in material facilities; repair, construction, procurement of equipment.
  • To plan and organize the procurement of equipment, technical supplies, tools and tools ... in time for teaching, study, research and working of cadres and lecturers. , employees, students throughout the school.
  • Develop and organize the inspection of the implementation of the regulations on the use of assets and equipment of units, assess the quality and value of use of equipment to make plans to purchase, prevent damage and loss. cool, wasteful.
  • Develop a plan to renovate, upgrade and repair the school's CS.
  • Proposing plans for design and supervision of construction works, repairing and coordinating the construction supervision of construction works of the school.
  • Management of land, offices and houses of the University.
  • Annually, coordinate with the Planning and Finance Department to inventory according to the prescribed regime.
  • Coordinate with the Planning and Finance Department to plan, evaluate and classify assets, carry out procedures for liquidation of expired assets in accordance with the regulations of the Group and the State.
  • To draw up a plan on the management of equipment and / or unused assets of the university and the situation of preservation and use of equipment and supplies of the units.
  • Coordinate with other units in the management, coordination, distribution of public houses, lecture halls, classrooms, laboratories; to ensure the efficient use of facilities and to save electricity and water costs; Opening and closing time will not affect the study and activities of the school. To coordinate with the units in inspecting the use of chemicals and laboratory instruments according to the promulgated norms;
  • Coordinate with related units in implementing flood prevention, inundation, fire prevention and fighting in the whole school.
  • To manage and coordinate the use of working facilities, teaching and learning in the University. To manage and assure electricity, water for work and school activities.
  • Construction and installation of new equipment.
  • Management, repair, maintenance of the house, electrical system, refrigeration, telephone, water supply system, sanitary equipment, equipment of the University.
  • Performing the service of the yard, hall, arrangement of equipment (sound, lighting, fan ...).
  • Regularly monitor and timely repair and maintenance of damaged or replacement assets to ensure the operation of units throughout the school.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Principal.