Offshore Engineering Master Program

The Offshore Engineering Master Program

1.Program Objectives

The ability to calculate, design, build, maintain and manage oil and gas rigs, floating works at sea and underwater systems; solving problems in the offshore - oil and gas industry.

Educate Offshore Engineers who will be in high demand at the energy-focused companies working with oil, gas and renewable energy. We accomplish this by providing the students with a strong fundamental background, applied knowledge and direct and indeed very active contacts with the industry.

2. Master Student Outcomes

a) Knowledge

Master students will be equipped with solid mechanical, liquid and gas basic knowledge for calculation, design, management and maintenance of rigs – mining. Students will be equipped with in-depth knowledge from structural motivation to design calculation of base structures, floating structures, offshore anchor wires, measurement, control of dynamic positioning, design of dredging equipment systems in deep seas, design and optimization of pumping systems and underground pipes for exploration, oil and gas extraction and transportation.

b) Professional skills

  • An ability to formulate investment projects, design, build and maintain the offshore structures in Vietnam and in the other countries;
  • An ability to research is placed on the integral modelling and design of offshore structures under various loads such as wind, waves, currents.
  • Having the capacity to participate in the management and exploitation of offshore structures.
  • An ability to independently analyze and solve technical problems, the ability to synthesize an develop research in the field of offshore engineering – petroleum;
  • An ability to function effectively on a team in an international environment, an ability to organize research and implement application projects;
  • Ability to use English at work and in communication fluency
  • An ability to participate in teaching and research in the field of offshore structures, oil and gas, and in the other related industries;
  • An ability to work as a research student, the ability to absorb scientific and technical advances of the sector and related disciplines;
  • Having professional capacity, meeting the recruitment conditions of companies of Vietnam Oil and Gas Group, universities, institutes, related production and management in the field of oil and gas; and other related fields.
First Semester   Second Semester
No. Title Credits   No. Title Credits
1 Philosophy 3   1 Basic Control and System Engineering 2
2 English 5   2 Ocean Waves 2
3 Soil Mechanics 2   3 Bottom Founded Structures 3
4 Offshore Hydrodynamics 4   4 Floating Structures 2
5 Structure Mechanics 2   5 Probabilistic Design and Risk Management 3
6 Elective 01 2        
  Total 18     Total 12
Third Semester   Fourth Semester
No. Title Credits   No. Title Credits
1 Dynamic Positioning 2   1 Graduation Internship 2
2 Subsea Engineering 2   2 Graduation Thesis 10
3 Field Development Project 3     Total 12
4 Elective 02 2    
5 Elective 03 2    
  Total 11    

Total Credits 53


No. Title Credits
1 Marine Pipelines 2
2 Drive System Design Principles 2
3 Cutting and Drilling of Sand, Clay and Rock 2
4 Structure Dynamics 2
5 Fatigue life and fatigue life assessment of offshore structures 2
6 Finite Element Method 2