Geophysics Laboratory

Floor Formal Name Features Layouts Max Capacity Assignable Area (Sq. Meter.)
3 Geophysics Laboratory

Lighting Systerm – Fluorescent;

Storage- rock samples, maps;

Following equipments:

Lab 30 65


CG5: Cintrex Autograv Gravity Meter for gravity surveying

It is used to measure gravity changes on the Earth’s surface with many applications. The CG-5 can be operated with minimal operator training, and automated features


ABEM TERRAMETER SAS 1000 for measuring resistivity and induced polarity

It is a highly competent resistivity/ Induced Polarity system suitable for many different types of applications. By measuring both resistivity and IP simultaneously it minimizes expensive field time and it is expandable with a variety of accessories.


DKS-96: Doza dosimeter for land and wellogs

For all main applications of dosimetry and radiometry. It is equipped with a large graphic display, improved software and wide service functionality


G-857: Geometrics Proton Magnetometer G-857 for measuring the total magnetic field

Geometrics Proton Magnetometer for measuring the total magnetic field. It provides a reliable, low-cost solution for a variety of magnetic search and mapping applications.