About Information and Library center

1. Functions

The Information and Library Center has the function of advising the Rector on the management, research, development, and exploitation of the information and library systems, effectively supporting the administrating, training, scientific research activities and other activities of the university.

2. Missions

2.1 General Missions

  • Propose the development and improvement of policies and regulations on information and library activities of the university
  • Formulate strategies for the development of information systems and libraries to meet the needs of the university in each stage of development
  • Manage and exploit information sources, information infrastructure and other assets of the Center in conformity with the assigned functions and tasks
  • Develop cooperative relations with the information and library centers of scientific institutions and universities nationwide and worldwide.

2.2 Library Department

  • Formulate policies and directions for the development of libraries in line with the university’s development strategies in each period
  • Develop service policies, rules, guidelines, and organize training classes on using library facilities and materials for users
  • Be in charge of organizing and developing the library’s materials: develop plans and coordinate with other departments to collect, publish and purchase materials (textbooks, lectures, reference materials, electronic databases, etc.) to serve the training programs of the university
  • Receive and archive theses, dissertations, scientific papers, research reports, proceedings of seminars and conferences defended and approved at the university, or our teaching staff’s scientific projects defended or presented at other educational and research institutions nationwide and worldwide
  • Collect, edit, and preserve documents and artefacts related to the process of construction and development of the university, organize the tradition room, preserve, display, and introduce materials when necessary
  • Organize and manage the databases of library resources to serve users inside and outside the university
  • Ensure the provision of library services which are diverse, modern,  and suitable for the users’ demands, effectively serving the learning, teaching and research activities in this academic environment
  • Develop, coordinate, and evaluate the functions and activities of the library to optimize its operations
  • Cooperate with local and foreign libraries in material exchange, information resource sharing, and provision of information and library services to meet the users’ demands
  • Research and apply advanced standards and technologies to the library activities

2.3. Information Technology Department

  • Develop strategic plans for the application of information technology to the operating activities of the university
  • Research, propose, implement information technology solutions (hardware, software) to meet the management and operation requirements of the university
  • Be in charge of managing and operating information technology systems (including support for end-users), ensuring that the information technology system of the university operate smoothly
  • Be in charge of technically managing the website, cooperating with other departments in the university to reach consensus on the structure of information on the website
  • Provide guidance on the use of information technology and communication equipment for staffs, lecturers, and students of the university and other users.