The library has a total area of ​​160 m2, equipped with dedicated desks and chairs to serve up to 60 readers. In addition, the library is equipped with computers with internet connection, scanners, photocopiers to support readers to look up, and use the materials conveniently.


The library resources are diverse, including books, journals, dissertations, research papers, workshops proceedings, electronic materials, etc. on topics closely related to the training programs at the university.

Paper Material

 At present, the university library has hundreds of  textbooks and reference materials written in the Vietnamese language, a large number of textbooks and reference books written in the English language on the university training programs, and foreign language books. The library also archives hundreds of undergraduate and postgraduate theses, master's degrees, scientific papers, and research reports at all levels. In addition, the library has purchased and received a large number of nationally and internationally published magazines for oil and gas news such as SPE Journals, Oilfield Review (Schlumberger Corporation) The Petroleum Journal (Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group), etc.

 These materials are chosen by the university from selected universities, and prestigious publishers in the oil and gas field. Every year, the library purchases a large number of books and magazines in accordance with the training scope.

Electronic Material

 Apart from paper resources, students and staff of the university can access the internal electronic resources collected and processed by the library, including:

 More than 1000 electronic documents have been digitized and can be accessed remotely via the University Library Portal.

The library has acquired access to the electronic database of leading publishers such as Springer Link, Science @ Direct, IEEE Xplore Digital Library, Taylor & Francis, etc.  so that the users can have greater online material resources.

 The library also provides links to free resources from well-known universities around the world.