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With a view to make PVU students ‘Industry-Ready’, we need to sharpen their ability for Analysis, Problem Solving, Team-work and Communication. What we have at present is by and large an ‘academic’ environment. While this has served us well, we now need to graduate into one, where the knowledge imparted in the classroom is supplemented by inputs that improve Attitude (What the students believe and feel) and Skills (What they are able to do).

Most students go to college to learn. Most know, or at least soon discover, that their academic work at college will be different than the work that they did in high school. They are expected to spend more time studying and there is a higher level of thinking demanded. But the college years are also about other kinds of learning. Often much of this other learning happens outside of the classroom.

Clubs at PVU offers students opportunities to pursue old interests and to discover the new ones. PVU wants to help its students think about the benefits of getting involved in groups and activities that the university offers.

Getting involved in groups that share common interests, or attending activities offered by the college can be fun. Getting involved gives students the opportunity to meet new people.

University is about making new friends, understanding different perspectives, and meeting different kinds of people. Getting involved in campus activities gives them the chance to meet people and diversify student's contacts beyond the circle of people students will encounter in your residence or classes.

PVU offers opportunities that you may not encounter easily again. Student may have the opportunity to feed a new interest. They can explore an area that you’ve thought of but not been involved in before. Students may discover hidden talents or new passions. They may have the opportunity to connect with the college in a new and different way. Students may begin to feel more a part of either the college community or the wider community. Being involved in some groups may be a resume builder too.

PVU has a strong tradition of student bodies and clubs that attract students from all disciplines, cutting across university. There are different clubs for the academically inclined; there are cultural clubs that give a student the opportunity to dabble in the fine arts, music, dance – everything that feeds the mind and spirit. Indeed, a student has much to look forward to on PVU's Clubs, besides classroom learning, and laboratory practical sessions, or even regular dives into library shelves. Teaching faculty and other staff are equally enthusiastic about these clubs.

There are many clubs in which a student can join during his/her tenure at PVU.

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