Training program

1. Short-term training courses

 ATC has successfully organized many training courses which are in various disciplines, flexible in timing and location, and in accordance with the customers’ demands. Our  domestic training programs areconvenient for our customers in that the full course price is proportional to the duration, not the number of learners, and learners can have complete control of the training contents as required.

Our domestic and overseas training programs are taught by professors and visiting lecturers from leading countries such as USA, Norway, UK, the Netherlands, Egypt, France, and Romania. The center has so far invited over 174 professors and international experts to carry out training courses in the fields of Petroleum Geology, Petroleum Geophysics, Reservoir Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Offshore Engineering. In addition, the ATC has conducted professional skill courses for leaders and professionals in the oil and gas industry, and other courses on Finance, Accounting, English for Communication, and English for the Oil and Gas Industry. Upon completion of the courses, our learners will receive international certificates jointly awarded by PVU and our affiliated association such as Honeywell, Schlumberger, Intergraph, etc. 

auto center1auto center2

 Process automation center PVU-Honeywell

PVU and Honeywell jointly opened the Automation Control Center to provide training courses in Vietnam and in Asia. This is the most rigorous and globally standardized center of the Honeywell Group which  is authorized to train and issue certificates of automation and control of Honeywell equipment in the field of Petroleum  Drilling and Production, Refining and Petrochemicals, Gas Processing, Fertilizer Production, and Electricity.

The center  has cooperated with Aberdeen Drilling Schools to organize certified courses  on petroleum drilling and production (IWCF / IADC), well control, erosion control and other related technical services.


IWCF / IADC drilling equipment

2. Analysis services

PVU is equipped with a modern and synchronized laboratory system for analyzing  all aspects of the oil and gas industry such aspetroleum geology, petroleum geophysics, drilling fluids, oil and gas exploration, petroleum products, catalysts, and petrochemicals.

2.1. Petroleum Geology and Geophysics

Market Demands: Oil and gas exploration and production is one of the core areas of the Group, and seismicism is the dominant approach employed. To obtain the most geological information, the seismic data must be processed through the following steps:

-  Data processing: The process of applying computer equipment systems and software programs to exploit and transform the information received from the seismic tape to obtain the results of the transect, the seismic map reflecting the characteristics of the environment and the studied object

-  Document interpretation: The process of using data has been processed to build geological model, interpretation properties, and geological characteristics of the area from which the assessment of potential oil and gas resources in the area can be carried out

At present, concerning hardware and software, DP & I has:

-  Cluster includes 64 CPU nodes

-  Raid server: 20 TB

-  WS: 10

-  ProMAX software and modules are being developed

As for human resources, DP & I has a team of doctorate-level experts in Geology-Geophysics, Mathematics, and Computer Science. DP & I can therefore:

-  Deal with 2D and 3D seismic data interpretation

-  Research and develop software modules for seismic data processing

In addition, PVU is equipped with a system of synchronized laboratories for teaching and research in the fields of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics such as sedimentation, lithology - minerals, geophysics, and localization.

sem      khv soimau

Scanning electron microscope SEM and Microscope


2.2. Petroleum Drilling and Production

There are 03 specialized laboratories operated by high-quality human resources to perform the following measurements:

-  Laboratory of drilling mud and cement using API 10A, 13A: Determine rheology, water discharge, solid content, resistivity for drilling fluids and densities, freezing time strength, compressibility, and water discharge for the cementitious cement in the course of drilling

-  Reinforced oil recovery chamber: Measure the absolute permeability of the reservoir and assess the oil recovery capacity in the reservoir

-  The ministry of technology uses API RP40 standard: measure porosity, absolute permeability, contact angle, and liquid viscosity


core flooding cfs700

Core flooding CFS 700

2.3. Refining and Petrochemicals

Three specialized petrochemical-filtration laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art analytical machines and are operated by a team of highly qualified personnel who can perform measurements and analysis of results as follows:

- Petroleum and petroleum product analysis laboratory: measure crude oil and petroleum products by ASTM standard equipment such as flash point, open cup, heat treatment, still opaque, freezing, viscosity, proportion, the amount of water, water content, needle piercing, dripping, oxidation stability, determine the distillation curve according to ASTM D86, and element analysis.

 tb chungcat  tb donhiet

Equipment to determine the distillation curve



- Laboratory of chromatography: equipped with modern chromatographic analyzers such as high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), gas chromatography (GC-MS) of manufacturer Agilent. It is capable of analyzing organic components in the product mix

 ht sacky hplc  ht sacky gcms

High Performance Liquid Chromatography System HPLC

              Mass Spectrometry System GCMS


- Structural analysis labs are equipped with modern structural analysis machines such as Bruker, Raman Spectrometer, Atomic Force Microscope (AFM).

 may chieuxa tiax  tb quangpho ramon

XRD equipment

Raman spectrophotometer


2.4. The laboratory of mechanical-physical properties of material

The laboratory of mechanical-physical properties of material has achieved ISO/IEC 17025:2005 (VILAS). The workforce of this laboratory is highly qualified, and committed to providing our customers with the best and most reliable testing services in the field such as:

-  Pulling-compressing test, up to many different standards

-  Impact test at room temperature and -70oC, up to different standards

-  Bending test, up to many different standards

-  Analyze the chemical composition of the surface of metal material based on the principle of optical emission spectrum

In order to successfully implement the long-term strategy, the laboratory not only develops a concrete action plan with annual growth targets but also promotes brand marketing along with perceiving the core values of our work to guide individual staff’s execution. 

 tb phantich hh  tb keonen

Equipment for analyzing chemical composition

                   Compression testing machine

 3. Technical, scientific, and technological consulting services

Technical consulting services and science and technology transfer are important tasks  for service development strategies in the long-term plan of PVU. We are currently carrying out consultancy services on scientific and technological solutions and scientific researches for the Group's core activities including oil and gas exploration, exploitation and processing, electricity, gas, and technical services.

The ATC cooperates with foreign partners to provide a number of technical services such as:

-  Conduct technical evaluation and analysis using Slumberger's geotechnical, geophysical, and drilling software tools such as Eclipse, Petrel, Techlog, PipeSim, ect.

-  Design and perform technical analysis with the Intergraph software sponsored: Smart3D, SmartPlant P&ID, CADWorx, Ceasar II, Tank, PVElite, etc.

-  Seismic data processing and interpretation: 2D and 3D

-  Research and develop software modules for seismic data processing

-  Assess oil pipeline condition and maintenance of pigging system by technology MFL

-  Provide all kinds PIG: foam pig, Bi-di pig, MFL Pig, robot, etc.

-  Cleaning services for industrial equipment (heat exchangers, furnaces, heat pipes, tanks