About Planning - Finance


Advising the Rector on the School's financial-accounting-accounting work, making financial decisions of the Rector and organizing the implementation of the financial-accounting work effectively. regulations.



  • Focal point for developing regulations and regulations related to the planning work of the University
  • Assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with concerned units in, formulating and submitting annual and long-term plans for operation of the university
  • Guide the implementation, urge and inspect the progress and the level of performance of the actual implementation compared with the assigned tasks of the units to submit the adjustment plan to suit the situation. Specifically
  • Focal point for managing all contracts of the University, except for labor contracts.


  • Make quarterly and annual financial plans as stipulated in the financial regulations approved by the Group.
  • Advise on the development of financial management regulations and regulations of the University
  • Control and urge the recovery of debts. Performing payment service with customers and staffs.
  • Proposing measures to mobilize and use grant capital and funding sources according to regulations
  • Fulfill obligations towards the State budget and ensure the interests of the laborers.
  • Synthesize costs, analyze financial activities, evaluate economic and financial indicators to provide data for determining the results of activities of the University, and report to the Principal on problems. Financially and promptly to process in order to bring about the best effect.
  • Make financial reports, reports, management and other reports related to the financial work in full and timely according to regulations.


  • Make accurate and accurate records of all costs incurred (construction investment, training costs, operating expenses and other costs ... of the University) capital structure and capital.
  • Guide and supervise the units to strictly comply with the policies, regulations and procedures on finance and accounting of the State, the Group and the University, promptly detecting mistakes in financial planning. main; Report and propose coordinated handling measures to the Rector
  • Accurately and honestly record the rotation of assets, supplies and money for the operation of the University.
  • Organize the accounting work, making accounting reports of the school as prescribed. - Regularly organize the internal inspection and audit of professional work according to regulations.
  • Organize and carry out inventory of assets, supplies, capital and re-valuation of assets and supplies according to the regime of the State and the Group. To work out and propose solutions to the loss, loss, damage, bad debts, damages ... in accordance with the State's policies and regimes.
  • Collect tuition fees, coordinate with the concerned units in setting training unit prices, tuition exemption and reduction levels, scholarship policies and financial supports for students.
  • Receipt, issuance and preservation of cash and certificates, exhibits are valued as money.
  • Carry out financial transaction procedures with the bank where the account is opened.
  • Issue and transfer accounting documents as prescribed.
  • Preservation and archival of accounting documents in accordance with regulations.


  • Participate with relevant departments of the University on bidding, negotiating contract ...
  • Advise and propose to the Principal issues related to the management of financial and accounting economy in order to ensure that all activities of the University are implemented in accordance with regulations, laws and regulations. on financial management of the state and industry.
  • Assign and directly direct the accounting, statistics, treasurer, warehouse keepers. Recruitment, appointment, transfer, upgrading, rewarding and disciplining of deputy finance planning staff, financial / accounting staff, accounting, planning, statistics, treasurer The proposal of Chief Accountant / Manager of Financial Planning Department is required.
  • It is required that all rooms, units / units of the University provide timely and sufficient documents and data necessary for the audit, internal inspection and auditing activities of the University. the concerned agencies and agencies.
  • Participate in building / opinions with the units and functional departments of the University for all jobs in the financial field such as bidding, negotiation and signing contracts, organization of contract implementation , settlement and settlement, management of prices using economic and technical norms, labor issues, salaries, bonuses ...
  • Have the right to monitor, inspect and control all economic and financial activities in the whole unit. Accounting reports, statistical reports, economic contracts, documents related to payment vouchers, salary payment, bonus payment, cash collection ... must be signed by Chief Accountant (or authorized person) shall be legally valid.
  • When detecting individuals or collectives that commit acts of violating law or violating the financial regulations of their units, the chief accountant shall, depending on each case, have the right to report to the school leaders or superior heads. know to stop and handle. Serious cases should be reported to the law enforcement agency for timely intervention.


  • Under the direction of the Principal and the professional direction of the Group.
  • Professional relations, coordination with the units, functional departments of the University, the units in and outside the industry.