Petroleum Engineering Master Program

The Petroleum Engineering Master Program

Major: Petroleum Engineering

Major code: 8520604

Speciality: Petroleum Drilling and Production

I. The Master Student Outcomes

1. The Knowledge

Having in-depth knowledge related to optimizing the process of exploration, exploitation, collection, treatment and transportation of oil and gas, solutions related to mining technology; also the dvanced knowledge related to the control process, factors in the process of oil and gas extraction and knowledge related to the stages of project planning, optimal operation management of projects related to the first stage of the oil and gas industry.

2. The Professional skills

  • An ability to formulate investment projects, survey, design, build and maintain projects related to oil and gas exploration and exploitation;
  • An ability to participate in the management and optimization of stages in the extraction of oil and gas fields;
  • An ability to independently analyze and solve technical problems, the ability to synthesize and develop research in the field of oil and gas exploration and exploitation;
  • An ability to function effectively on a team in an international environment; research and implement application projects;
  • An ability to participate in teaching and researching in the field of Petroleum Engineering/ Oil and Gas Drilling - Exploitation and in the
  • An ability to work as a research student, the ability to absorb scientific and technical advances of the sector and related disciplines;
  • Having professional capacity, meeting the recruitment conditions of companies Vietnam Oil and Gas Group, universities, institutes, related production and management in the field of oil and gas; and other related field
  • Having met the English proficiency requirement equivalent to level 4/6 of Vietnam's foreign language ability framework.

3. The Autonomy and responsibility

  • An ability to researchand launch important initiatives in the field of drilling – oil and gas extraction.
  • An ability to adapt, self-direct and guide others.
  • An ability to manage and improve technologies.

II. The curriculum

First Semester   Second Semester
No. Title Credits   No. Title Credits
1 Philosophy 3   1 Advanced drilling engineering 4
2 Scientific Research Method 3   2 Advanced well completion and reservoir stimulation 4
3 Advanced reservoir engineering 4   3 Research topics in drilling engineering 2
4 Petroleum geomechanics 4   4 Elective 02 3
5 Research topics in reservoir engineering 2   5 Elective 03 3
6 Elective 01 3        
  Total 19     Total 16
Third Semester   Fourth Semester
No. Title Credits   No. Title Credits
1 Advanced production engineering 4   1 Graduation Thesis 9
2 Research topics in production engineering 2     Total 9
3 Elective 04 4    
4 Elective 05 3    
5 Elective 06 3    
  Total 16    

Total Credits 60


No. Title Credits
1 Fluid flow in petroleum reservoirs 3
2 Deepwater drilling technology 3
3 Multilateral wells 3
4 Processing and transportation technology of high paraffinic oil in Vietnam continental shelf 3
5 Near-wellbore treatment technology in Viet Nam’s oil and gas fields 3
6 Natural gas reservoir and its production technology 3
7 Well control 3
8 Naturally fractured and unconventional reservoirs 3
9 Application of petroleum reservoir simulation 3
10 Development strategy in oil and gas industry 3
11 Application of computer program in petroleum engineering 3
12 Formation Damage: Mechanisms and Remediation 3
13 Waterflooding 3
14 Automation in petroleum engineering 3
15 Advanced enhanced oil recovery 4