Chemical Engineering Master Program

The Chemical Engineering Master Program

Major: Chemical Engineering

Major code: 8520301

Speciality: Refining and Petrochemicals

I. The Master student outcomes

1. Knowledge

Having in-depth knowledge related to calculating, simulating and optimizing the processes of oil refining technology, petrochemical technology, gas processing technology;can offer optimal solutions during operation; also the advanced knowledge related to design and to the project implementation process, optimal operation management of refinery, petrochemical and gas processing technologies.

2. Professional skills

  • An ability to create investment projects, design and build petrochemical refinery projects;
  • Having capacity to participate in the management and optimization of technological lines related to oil and petrochemical refining;
  • An ability to independently analyze and solve technical problems, the ability to synthesize and develop research directions in the field of oil and gas processing;
  • An ability to function effectively on a team in an international environment, ability to organize research and implement application projects;
  • Ability to use English at work and communication fluency;
  • An ability to participate in teaching and researching in the field of Chemical Engineering/ Petroleum Processing and the
  • An ability to work as a research student, the ability to absorb scientific and technical advances of the sector and related disciplines;
  • Having professional capacity, meeting the recruitment conditions of companies Vietnam Oil and Gas Group, universities, institutes, related production and management in the field of oil and gas; and other related field
  • Having met the English proficiency requirement equivalent to level 4/6 of Vietnam's foreign language ability framework.

3. Autonomy and responsibility

  • An ability to researchand launch important initiatives in the field of .
  • An ability to adapt, self-direct and guide others.
  • An ability to manage and improve technologies.

II. The curriculum

First Semester   Second Semester
No. Title Credits   No. Title Credits
1 Philosophy 3   1 Energy Savings 3
2 Scientific Research Method 3   2 Industrial Catalysis 3
3 Petroleum Refining and Gas Processing Technology 4   3 Elective 01 3
4 Multiphase Flow in Oil and Gas Processing 3   4 Elective 02 3
5 Petroleum Refining Operations (+Lab) 4   5 Economics in Petroleum Refining and Petrochemical Industry 3
  Total 17     Total 15
Third Semester   Fourth Semester
No. Title Credits   No. Title Credits
1 Optimization of Petroleum Refining Operations 3   1 Graduation Thesis 9
2 Risk and Project Management in Refining and Petrochemicals 4     Total 9
3 Elective 03 3    
4 Elective 04 3    
5 Elective 05 3    
  Elective 06 3    
  Total 19    

Total Credits 60


No. Title Credits
1 Environmental Safety in Oil and Gas Processing Activities 3
2 Corrosion Prevention Methods in Petroleum Refining and Petrochemicals 3
3 Chemical Process Engineering Design 3
4 Natural Gas Gathering, Transportation and Processing 3
5 Petrochemicals from Natural Gas 3
6 Technology of LNG, CNG Production 3
7 Heavy Oil Upgrading Technology 3
8 Lubricant Technology 3
9 Bitumen Technology 3
10 Biomass Technology 3
11 Production of Fertilizers from Feed Containing Carbon 3
12 Polymer Technology 3