5. PVU-BHGE Center for Geomechanics applications

The software package is sponsored by BHGE company worth US$5.4 million, including MFrac Package Pro (Site), GMI SFIBTM (Site), GMI MohrFracsTM (Site), GMI ImagerTM (Site), GMI CaliperTM (Site), JewelSuiteTM GeoMechanics Package (Site) to serve simulation of the fracture propagation, the distribution of the proppant concentration inside the fracture during pumping, or at the end of the pumping (Mfrac Package). The software determines the parameters before the main fracture conducts (MinFrac), determines the liquid exploitation after the fractured well (Mprod), and determines the net present value after the fractured well (MNpv). Software for determining the drilling mud window and optimal wellbore trajectory includes (GMI SFIBTM (Site) and (JewelSuiteTM GeoMechanics Package (Site), respectively. A software package that simulates the orientation of the in-situ stress field (GMI ImagerTM (Site), a software package directly determines the stresses around the wellbore and determines the cause of the wellbore instability (GMI CaliperTM (Site). PVU-BHGE Center for Geomechanics applications serves courses including PET13227-Well completion and stimulation, PET13312-Drilling Engineering, PET12443-Petroleum Drilling Systems (+ Lab), and PET13315-Well Testing. In addition to serving lecturers, students for scientific research, serving students to do senior projects, graduation projects, or master's students to make graduation dissertations, to provide oil company services when needed, and to serve academic exchanges between universities with the same Petroleum Engineering program.