Admission guideline 2020


PetroVietnam University (Admission Code: PVU) recruites student for undergraduate and international joining programs.

Undergraduate Programs (Geological Engineering-GE, Petroleum Engineering-PE and Chemical Engineering-CE): 100 students (Choosing major on the end of the first academic year with student expectation).

International joining programs (between PVU and NMT-New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology) (PVU-NMT program): 75 students (Earth Science/Petroleum Geology, Petroleum Engineering-PE and Chemical Engineering-CE).

A.Recruiting Methods

1.Based on the national high school exam 2020: 100 students (PVU undergraduate programs) and 45 students (International joining program PVU-NMT). Registration bases on directory of MOET.

  Major Group Code Subject Group Major Code Register Code on MOET admission portal The number of students
PVU undergraduate CE/Refining and Petrochemical



A00 (Math, Physics, Chemistry)

D07 (Math, Chemistry, English)

7520301    7520600* 100
PE/Exploration and Production 7520604
GE/ Geology and Geophysics 7520501

A00 (Math, Physic, Chemistry)

D07 (Math, Chemistry, English)

  7520301_LK 15
PE A00, A01

A00 (Math, Physics, Chemistry)

A01 (Math, Physics, English)

7520604_LK 15
Earth Science/Petroleum Geology A00, A01 7520501_LK 15

2. Directly recruitment

  • PVU undergraduate programs: 03 students basing on MOET admission regulation
  • PVU-NMT program: Directly recruiting students from other universities of technology and engineering and PVU undergraduate programs who want to become PVU-NMT students

3. Recruitment basing on grade results of high school academic years (only for PVU-NMT program): 10 students/program.

+ High school pupils who meet the one of 02 requirements as below:

  • Grade average results of the high school academic years is 6.5/10 (Math, Chemistry and Physics will be considered).
  • PVU-NMT fresh students will be tested english before pre-english semester and before the first semester. PVU-NMT students have had 4-level english (national 6-level english frame) before the first semester of PVU-NMT program.

+ Requirement for continuing study at NMT (transfer to NMT): PVU-NMT students have cumulative GPA of the first period (study at PVU): 2.5/4, IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 76 or more.


+ Prerequisite: Graduation on high school

B. Detail requirements and procedure:

1. Recruiting based on the results of the national high school exam 2020

  • All high school pupils who want to become undergraduate students (both PVU program and PVU-NMT program) have the results of the national high school exam and have to register through the MOET admission portal.
  • Recruiting grade is the total results of the subjects group.
  • With the subject group that has english, the results of the international english certificate can be accepted instead for.
  • Recruiting grade is a same level with all subject groups
  • Timeline: MOET admission timeline
  • Grade level that pupils can be registered for PVU and PVU-NMT programs is not below 15.

2. Directly recruiting:

  • All pupils who meet MOET direct admission requirements registe through the provincial department of education anf training.
  • PVU Admission Board will consider and give the decision.
  • Timeline: MOET admission timeline

3. Recruitment basing on grade results of high school academic years and directly recruitment from other universities for PVU-NMT program

+ Students from the other universities or undergraduate PVU students who want to become students of PVU-NMT programs take procedure as below:

  • Step 1: Registe online through through phone (0983197934)
  • Step 2: Submit profile to PVU directly or through mail

+ Registering profile: The results of the high school academic years/ The results of academic years of university, the high school graduation certificate, a copy of IELTS or TOEFL certificate (if so)

C. Tuition fee

+ PVU undergraduate programs: Tuition fee basing on credits with the MOET regulation.

+ PVU-NMT programs:

  • Chemical Engineering program: 79.000.000,00 VND/Student/Academic year (on duration of stuying at PVU). 10.239 USD/Student/ Academic year (on duration of stuying at NMT).
  • Earth Science/Petroleum Geology program: 72.000.000,00 VND/Student/Academic year (on duration of stuying at PVU). 10.278 USD/Student/ Academic year (on duration of stuying at NMT).
  • Petroleum Engineering program: 77.000.000,00 VND/Student/Academic year (on duration of stuying at PVU). 9.660 USD/Student/ Academic year (on duration of stuying at NMT).

English grade conversion

Certificate IELTS TOEFL ibt The english result of the national high school exam


6.0 79 10
75-78 9.8
71-74 9.6
67-70 9.4
63-66 9.2
5.5 60-62 9
57-59 8.8
54-56 8.6
51-53 8.4
48-50 8.2
5.0 46-47 8

Address: Academic Affairs Department, 762 Cach Mang Thang Tam, Long Toan Ward, Ba Ria City, Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province.