Chemical Engineering


(Major: Petrochemical and Refinery)

General Objective

The training objective of Petrochemical Engineering program is to train students who demonstrate strong political spirit, morality, and enjoy good health so as to meet the demand of developing and modernizing the petroleum industry in Vietnam. Students will be provided with a strong foundation, knowledge and skills in Petrochemical Engineering.

Students who graduate from Petrochemical Engineering program will have capability in design, research, scientific creativity, and management in the field of refinery and petrochemical. Refining - Petrochemical engineers will be able to work for subsidiary units of PetroVietnam (PVN), local and foreign Refining – Petrochemical companies, universities, research institutes of related field.

Specific Objective

+ Knowledge

Students will be provided with general knowledge of Natural Science, Social Science and Humanitarian, technical foundation, basic knowledge of Petrochemical Engineering, with a strong focus on the training major: Refining - Petrochemical.

+ Competency

Technical Understanding

  • Students will acquire knowledge of Petrochemical Engineering, on the basis of Mathematics, General Studies, Chemical Engineering and Petrochemical Engineering.
  • They will be able to identify, establish and solve problems concerning Petrochemical Engineering.

2. Professional Competency

    They will be able to:

  • Apply basic and specialty knowledge to identify, analyse and resolve technical problems in Refining – Petrochemical and other related fields.
  • Master the basis of technology and facility design in Refining – Petrochemical plants.
  • Operate technology systems in Refining – Petrochemical plants and other related fields.
  • Understand and analyse technical parameters of petroleum products, petrochemical products, and able to use analytical facility.
  • Update, select, and master modern technology, green production technology in the field of Refining – Petrochemical.
  • Identify and solve problems during plant operation in the field of Refining – Petrochemical Engineering.
  • Use technology, modern equipment for professional work.
  • Design, test; analyse, present data and apply results to improve technical processes.

3. Communication and team-work skills

    Students will be able to:
        Use English fluently in communication, work and research;
        Write, speak, organize and present information, research results, designs, and inventions effectively.
        Work in a team; to organize scientific research and implement applied projects;
        Respect the diversity and technical knowledge of colleagues

4. Ability in Post-Study: Students will be able to continue doing post-graduate studies or life-long study, especially able to learn and master scientific and technical advances in the field of interest and related fields.

5. Professional Skills: Students will have knowledge of current world problems, scientific and technical advances in the field of interest and able to apply these advances into current practice, and attain a higher awareness of social responsibility and business ethics.