About Petroleum Engineering Faculty


The Department of Oil and Gas was established according to Decision No. 44 / QĐ-ĐHDK dated January 27, 2011 of the Director of the Vietnam Oil and Gas University. is responsible for implementing the professional work of the University in teaching and scientific research. The Faculty has three departments: Geology - Petroleum Geology, Drilling - Petroleum, Refining - Petrochemical. There are 25 full-time lecturers (including 01 Assoc. Professors, 13 Professors, 06 PhDs and 06 Masters) and many visiting lecturers from various units in the industry and some domestic and foreign universities.

The Faculty of Petroleum is the administrative unit of the University, responsible for implementing the work set by the University.


General tasks

- Proposing the development of regulations and regulations related to the functions and tasks of the faculty.

- Proposals for the recruitment of teaching staff;

- Develop planning, development of teaching staff; To manage and organize training and fostering to raise the professional qualifications for staff members of the faculty;

- Make plans and organize the implementation of political education, ideology, ethics, lifestyle for staff and learners; Organizing training and fostering to raise professional qualifications for staff members in the faculty;

- To carry out the task of formal training, advanced training and fostering;

- Implementing scientific research, including orientation, human resource development and strengthening cooperation with research and production units in the core fields of the oil and gas industry;

- Strengthen cooperation with enterprises in order to closely link the relationship between the University and enterprises, grasp the training needs of enterprises and improve the quality of training of the University.

- Propose medium and long-term development plans for the faculty including training, finance, recruitment and retraining.

Development of curriculum and learning materials

- Deploy and organize the implementation of the school year plan as approved by the Rector;

- Coordinate with the Training Department to improve training programs and teaching methods, develop proposals to open new training disciplines in the direction of developing PVU;

- Proposals and income learning materials; Organizing the compilation of textbooks, lectures, reference materials for subjects taught by the Faculty;

- Establishment of databases, learning materials and reference materials for in-depth research;

Admission work

- Coordinate with the Training Department to propose targets; entrance exam for the faculties of the Faculty;

- Participate in the enrollment process; Organizing the implementation of work related to the recruitment work according to assigned tasks.

Training and management of students

- Implement the training plan and arrange staff to teach the subjects according to the schedule;

- Plan and organize graduation examinations;

- Prepare procedures and organize the defense of the graduation thesis and thesis according to the general plan of the University; to propose a list of graduation thesis councils;

- Management of students and students according to the University's regulations; coordinate with the Training Department in the preparation and completion of student records; Make a list of students taking the exam, write a graduation thesis to be granted a diploma or a certificate of transfer to a training office.

- Coordinate with the Training Department in the procedures for receiving new students, issuing student ID cards and other necessary documents for students; Implementing the policy regime, granting scholarships, examining emulation and disciplinary awards for students.

Science and technology work and foreign affairs

- Make annual scientific research plans (SC) of the faculty and organize the implementation;

- Coordinate with Department of External Relations and Science and Technology to check and evaluate the scientific research topics;

- Implementing international cooperation projects; To coordinate with scientific and technological organizations and enterprises; combine training with research - technology transfer, socio-economic development;

- Coordinating with the Training Department, Department of External Relations and Science and Technology to organize scientific research activities of students at the school level; planning and implementing scientific research activities of faculty members;

- Introduction of scientific research projects of students entering the university level;

- Organize scientific and technical activities in the direct connection between research, production and business;

- Quality management, content, methods of research and training.

Construction of facilities

- Proposing the development plan, management and maintenance of material facilities for training, scientific research and technology transfer.

- Developing a plan for the development of specialized laboratories in order to well serve the training program, approach and concentrate on studying and solving professional problems of the core units in the industry.

- Coordinate with other units in the industry to use the facilities of PVU's training and research supporting units and cooperate with other units in using and exploiting the system optimally. Labs and facilities of the University.